Biography and about me

I grew up and lived in Europe, but I spent a lot of time traveling the world, meeting new people and finding out new places. I’m well educated and speak 3 languages – English, German and Russian.

Now, I try myself in business and will be glad if you share your experience with me, or give advice, I’m sure we will have something to talk about.

You will be impressed by my appearance – long standing legs, a fit, athletic, but feminine figure, long brown hair, smooth and soft skin (which you want to touch more and more) a radiant smile and sparkling blue-green eyes. Did you think it sounds like I’ve left a magazine page? Who knows…

I am very light and enthusiastic, and I want to share this with you. All gray thoughts will leave you for the time of our rendezvous. I don’t want drama. It’s not about me. I don’t think it’s worth wasting  resource on such nonsense.

You are looking for a little adventure to revitalize your life? Let’s create and share special moments. I’m ready for any adventure. Lets go and make Breathtaking memories.

I will concentrate all my attention on you, let’s experience the whole range of emotions together – from sincere laughter to scorching passion. I will make you feel calm and comfortable in my company.

Let me be your muse and inspire you!


Let’s talk about the personal. Tell me about your hobbies, how you like to spend your time, about your favorite cities and places. I will be happy to share mine with you, and, perhaps, together with you, we will try something unusual, exciting and new.

We can skiing in Aspen or Switzerland. Go hiking in a famous tourist spot, or explore new places.

We can arrange a weekend of relaxation and concentration on ourselves and our feelings – start with meditation, go to yoga or pilates and then end the day with unforgettable spa. Not enough? Let’s try Aerial Yoga together.

A great start to our morning together can be a jog – it does not matter where we are or where we go – to the ocean, or it will be the urban jungle, this is a great opportunity to meet and enjoy the dawn, look at the rising sun and feel the first warm rays and fresh breeze on skin.

We can break in the middle of the week and go to shopping in Milan or Paris, and indulge ourselves with everything we want, without denying ourselves anything. We can stop for lunch and head to the park with a basket of our favorite treats and wine, talk about favorite movies, music, books and everything that comes to mind.

Maybe we’ll go to the festival? Or stay in the city and go to the cinema or theater, or to a concert? Perhaps a show in the city today? This is a great opportunity to go there together and enjoy it.

I grow up in Europe and speak 3 languages. Intrested in learn more. I was traveling around the world and have seen a lot of places and cultures. There still be a lot of places that I have never been, but would love to discover. Maybe with you? Be my travel companion…

My big love is for sure New York! And I love the sun and the sea… I recognized that my fav cities and places starts with an “M”, like: Manhattan, Miami, Malibu, Monte-Carlo, Moskow, Marbella, Munich, Milan, Madrid, Maldives, Mauritius..And maybe some day: Montreal, Madagascar, Mumbai, Macao, Melbourne, Mexico-City…

We have a million possibilities, but not a lot of time. Let’s try to take everything from this life!

Information and preferences

Age Late 20s
Height 177 cm (5’8”)
Measurements 75C-65-95 (34C-25-37)
Clothing Size US 8, UK 10, EU 36
Weight 59 kg (130LBS)
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue-Green
Conversation German, English, Russian
Cuisine Asian, Italian
Drinks Wine, Champagne, Cocktails
Lingerie La Perla, Agent Provocateur
Perfumes Chanel, Hermès, Tom Ford
Flowers Roses, Peonies
Hobbies Traveling, Fitness, Photography
Occupation Assistant, Business
Wears bags by Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci
Loves shoes by Christian Louboutin, Chanel
Character traits Passionate, spontaneous, emphatically